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Yesterday I called the police, but not for the reason you think. As has often been said of me — no doubt by my enemies —I  tend to throw myself into things I’m not qualified... More
Hunter Biden, the president's son, was found guilty of illegally buying a gun while using narcotics. While he stood trial, you may have noticed the quietude outside the federal courthouse and on the information highway.... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree “Don’t you dare call me without texting first!” blared a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal. Yes, forget about Taiwan and other potential hot spots; battle lines are being drawn... More
When I was little and we were having guests over, my mother would always have me set the table. The salad plate was on top of the dinner plate. The fork was on the left.... More
Earlier this month, during an event in Philadelphia supporting Donald Trump and the Republican Party, Florida Representative Byron Donalds made the attention-grabbing assertion that Black families were stronger and more conservative under the Jim Crow... More
Editor's note: A version of this column was last published in 2016. ----- In 1974, when I was 11, I flushed an apple core down the toilet. You see, my father had remodeled our basement... More
Afraid of robots taking over? If your phone habits are like most Americans, they already have, as Dave Whamond points out in his funny cartoon about artificial intelligence and our growing addiction to screens. Sadly,... More
Making Sense by Michael Reagan It was a good week for the Reagan family. Not so much for the Biden clan. On Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where my father is buried, there... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree Some fathers are entirely too serious. They’re paranoid about their children finding out that they had their own youthful indiscretions and regrettable choices. (“I don’t make mistakes. You can ask any... More
Now that two of my daughters are away at college and the one still at home basically views me as an ATM in an unfashionable neighborhood, I’ve tried to find myself a hobby. Since I’m... More
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg deserves to take a bow following his undeniable victory. A New York jury delivered a guilty verdict in a trial largely devoid of political theater and intense media upheaval. That's... More
A century ago, President Calvin Coolidge signed the Johnson-Reed Immigration Act, also known as the Immigration Act of 1924, which precipitated a two-generation-long pause in mass migration. Upon Coolidge’s signature, multiple benefits to citizen workers... More
Our politics sure is divided these days. Tempers are flaring and minds are rigid and closed. Here's the solution: the wit and wisdom of legendary humorist Will Rogers. “The short memory of voters is what... More
I have never been married, nor do I have any children. I grew up around married people. I descend from a whole line of married people. I have friends who are married people. I deeply... More
Donald Trump's historic guilty verdict coming Thursday night means none of this week's most popular cartoons feature the first felon to have a serious shot at becoming president. Instead, we have a delightful mix of... More
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Mark my words. Democrats will be sorry on Nov. 5 because of what they did this week in New York City. They and their friends in the liberal media can... More