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Addicted to screens? You're not alone – according to recent studies, upwards of half of all Americans who own a smartphone display addictive behavior. But that's also nothing new. As Dave Whamond points out in... More
Making Sense by Michael Reagan What’s happening on CNN and MSNBC is disgusting, but not surprising. Some of their so-called pundits and reporters have been downright giddy while watching Donald Trump on trial in New... More
The criminal defendant’s so-called Restoration agenda is festooned with fascist goodies. Donald Trump is vowing to fire any U.S. attorney who refuses to prosecute whoever he wants prosecuted, he’d unleash the National Guard wherever and... More
Not too long ago, the name U.S. Steel was symbolic of America’s industrial might. It was the biggest, most important company in the world. Or maybe it just seemed like it was. Whatever it was... More
I’m such a square, my ears have corners. I drink eight cups of water a day. I make my bed every morning. Before going to the supermarket, I write a grocery list. But this scintillating... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree Yes, I was hunkered down paying rapt attention to the weather report on May 8 when an EF-3 tornado rampaged through a neighboring county. Understandably, I was intrigued by a May... More
Last week, right-wing commentator Ann Coulter told former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy to his face she would not have voted for him because he’s Indian. “There is a core national identity that is the... More
Former President Donald J. Trump may be tied up a Manhattan court room, but he’s active online. One of his fund-raising efforts asks supporters to help him choose his vice president. In a mass email,... More
Home sales remain sluggish thanks to high interest rates and a shortage of homes for sale, and that is really bad for America. Because as more Americans become life-long renters, they will never experience the... More
When will a presidential election NOT be the most important of our lifetime? That's the question John Darkow asked in his widely-reprinted cartoon this week about the upcoming election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.... More
Editor's note: Michael Reagan is on vacation this week. He will return with a new column for Friday, April 18.
On Mother’s Day in 1972, Willie Mays returned to New York. The Giants’ hero from the 1950s was now a member of the Mets, and smacked his 647th career home run in the fifth inning... More
New York has been voted the ugliest American city, not because of its architecture, but because of its people. Just kidding. It’s because of its architecture. Probably. Europe does things a little better, but not... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree As I sit here admiring my 88-cent container of mustard, I can’t help feeling self-conscious. I know that restaurants advertise their “value menus” and retailers offer no-frills knockoffs of their glitziest... More
The lockdowns instituted during the COVID pandemic were only supposed to last a few days. Remember, “14 days to flatten the curve” was all that was needed to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed by patients... More
Editor's note: This column have been updated to include the correct name of an individual identified as shouting racial epithets. History on the rerun. Ghosts of Mississippi. Magnolia State maintains its horrendously racist image. Any... More
My mother would have been considered eccentric had she been financially wealthy. She would do almost anything — and wear almost any silly costume — to bring joy into the lives of others, much to... More