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Has it been hot outside where you live? More than 100 million Americans are currently under heat advisories thanks to a heat dome sitting over the eastern U.S. Jeff Koterba's cartoon playing off the hot... More
This week, Hunter Biden – the president's son – was convicted on gun charges by the same Department of Justice accused of being biased against former President Donald Trump. Naturally, cartoonists feasted on the conflict.... More
Afraid of robots taking over? If your phone habits are like most Americans, they already have, as Dave Whamond points out in his funny cartoon about artificial intelligence and our growing addiction to screens. Sadly,... More
Donald Trump's historic guilty verdict coming Thursday night means none of this week's most popular cartoons feature the first felon to have a serious shot at becoming president. Instead, we have a delightful mix of... More
Our list of the most-reprinted cartoons was a real smorgasbord this week, with topics ranging from the increasing role of artificial intelligence to the collapse of Red Lobster. I particularly enjoyed Bob Englehart's cartoon about... More
Addicted to screens? You're not alone – according to recent studies, upwards of half of all Americans who own a smartphone display addictive behavior. But that's also nothing new. As Dave Whamond points out in... More
When will a presidential election NOT be the most important of our lifetime? That's the question John Darkow asked in his widely-reprinted cartoon this week about the upcoming election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.... More
School protests have dominated the headlines this week, as demonstrators have clashed with police at universities across the country attempting to voice their opposition to Israel's war in Gaza. Two of our most popular cartoons... More
Editors were big fans of Chris Weyant this week, who had our top three most-reprinted cartoons. All three touched on the unease heading into the 2024 election rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Weyant... More
The cost of everything, from gas to groceries, remains stubbornly high. But nothing seems as outrageously expensive as trying to buy a new home. Home prices skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, and inflation fears forced... More
On Monday, a total solar eclipse will cross North America, a momentary break from the bad news we've all be drowning in the past few months. I like Pat Byrnes cartoon in particular, noting how... More
It's hard to satirize the news and Donald Trump with headlines like, "Ex-president selling bibles to help pay legal cost of porn star hush money trial." Chris Weyant has had a lot of success poking... More
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