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It was another busy week for the nation's cartoonists, with news running the gamut from Mitch McConnell stepping down from Republican leadership to AT&T's cell phones going down across the country. This week's most-reprinted cartoon... More
Making Sense by Michael Reagan OK, Nikki Haley. Sing along with me, the Republican Party and the great Kenny Rogers: You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree As a writer, I can’t deny harboring an appreciation for the richness of slang, metaphors, similes and colloquialisms. And yet…there’s something not quite rational about the agitators who force our language... More
Usually I don’t read anything more complex than the back of a cereal box, but this week — perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was indigestion — I found an essay on Latin America. In... More
Having raised three daughters, I’ve gained, in the words of Liam Neeson, “a very particular set of skills.” Unfortunately, none of these skills would be useful in the event of an international kidnapping. Because two... More
Being the ever-menacing carnival barker that he is, former president Donald Trump said the four criminal cases he faces have garnered him significant support from Black voters. Why? He claims due to the historic injustices... More
President Biden recently sent an email to 153,000 student-loan borrowers reminding them to vote for him this autumn. Actually, his email said that he is going to put America into even more hock to repay... More
The earworm “1-8-7-7 Kars 4 Kids” always struck me as a stellar example of how insufferable advertising can be when its creators really put their minds to it. The organization behind the long-running ad boasts... More