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I want to thank everyone again for your support of in 2022.  We’ve survived another year with the help of our Heroes!  We would really appreciate your continued support for our endangered cartoonists and for our site.

We continue to provide for free to everyone. Students in 8th and 11th grade are tested on the interpretation of editorial cartoons in their state mandated AP History tests, and is broadly used in Middle School and High School classrooms. We hope you’re enjoying our cartoons!  We’ll keep the cartoons coming and keep the site free as long as we can.

Our profession is threatened by the continuing decline of newspapers, who are our main clients.  2022 was a tough year for political cartoonists as Gannett, the largest newspaper chain with over 400 newspapers, dropped national editorial cartoons and columnists.  Many newspapers dropped their editorial pages entirely, on the reasoning that they only made readers angry.  For some papers it is only the cartoons that are too provocative, so they drop only the editorial cartoons, The New York Times is an ugly example.

Other papers have been cutting back on their cartoon content, raising the prospect that in the future, there may be only a dozen cartoonist voices available in America. In 2022, the third largest newspaper chain, Lee Enterprises, ordered their 77 newspapers to drop all of their editorial cartoonists and select cartoons only from the choice of a small number of cartoonists sold by a right-leaning syndicate that was the low bidder.  We’re seeing more chains impose limited selections of cartoons on their editors as a cost cutting measure.  Our fear is that we’ll soon see an editorial cartoon landscape that is much like the menu at McDonalds, with only a small selection of the same editorial cartoon choices available to all readers in America.

At we’re underpaid and struggling, but we’re committed! We’ll stick it out for as long as we can, with your help!  We think our editorial cartoons and the diversity of our perspectives in the public debate are more important now than ever before!

If you love our art form – if you appreciate images that can make you laugh or cry, that can speak truth to power, and can bring crowds to protest in the streets around the world – NOW is the time to support –be a HERO!

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