STEVE BELL ON GETTING FIRED FOR AN “ANTI-SEMITIC” CARTOON.  Our new podcast features the legendary, British cartoonist, Steve Bell, telling the story of how he lost his job at the Guardian newspaper where he has drawn for decades – with Daryl and top Israeli cartoonists, Michel Kichka and Uri Fink.  See all of our podcasts at

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Month after month, poll after poll, a majority of Americans express their dissatisfaction with the Biden administration over virtually every issue of concern – domestic and foreign. The findings are the equivalent of a campaign... More
Boy, is technology making is ruder. It all started with email. You see, long before the era of nasty Facebook posts and mean tweets — long before people had such an easy means to be... More
John Paul II once stated that “there can be no rule of law … unless citizens and especially leaders are convinced that there is no freedom without truth.” Katherine Maher, the CEO of National Public... More
Add California Governor Gavin Newsom’s name to the list of prominent elected officials who blatantly lied about their personal histories. Senator Elizabeth Warren lied for years about her alleged American Indian heritage. Connecticut Senator Richard... More
The cost of everything, from gas to groceries, remains stubbornly high. But nothing seems as outrageously expensive as trying to buy a new home. Home prices skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, and inflation fears forced... More
For those too young to fully remember the OJ Simpson trial, it was a television spectacle with all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. Sex and violence, interracial relationships and marriage, infidelity, alcoholism, sexual deviancy... More
England! Merrie olde England! Glorious England! How I hate it. I’ve been in London for the past month, officially as part of a study abroad program. I spent most of my first week figuring out... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree Bathroom floor tiles that weigh you, analyze your gait and evaluate your fall risk. Bathroom mirrors that initiate telehealth conferences based on your complexion or facial tics. Toilet seats that check... More
"Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” is on April 25th, and I think we should try something different this year: Let's take our daughters and sons to grandma's. The Take Our Daughters and... More
It's not exactly news we're a divided country, but we can't even agree on whether our economy is doing well or not. On the one hand, there's been consistent job growth since Joe Biden took... More
An adjudicated rapist, who was recently held liable by a jury for physically invading a woman’s bodily autonomy, has now taken it upon himself to opine about how government can control women’s bodily autonomy. Before... More
Making Sense By Michael Reagan I don’t blame the public for not wanting to put the Republican Party back in power in Washington. As the GOP proved again in the House this week, it’s incapable... More
I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch. Not because I have therapy, but because I don’t have a bed. Where most children graduate from a little bed to a bigger one, I graduated... More
The state visit by Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida isn't just about tea and photo ops. It's a wake-up call for the Biden administration to get serious about bilateral economic relations with one of our... More
Tyrades! by Danny Tyree During my career as a late-in-life columnist, I have been blessed with the opportunity to chronicle three birthdays ending in zero. (My so-called “good” cholesterol has not exactly overperformed in helping... More
Thanks to the so-called culture wars, debates about events on college campuses are being employed as useful weapons for attacking the gradual democratization that has occurred in higher education since the 1950s. Those of us... More
Because I’m a professional practitioner of the pedagogical arts (known in some parts as fancy book learnin’), I’m privileged to enjoy a Spring Break holiday that usually falls during the same week my semi-grown daughters... More